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COMMUNITY....or link to ABOUT ME

I have long been an advocate of community. My own family did not provide a healthy model for social/community interaction nor did my family understand about meeting much more than physical human needs for themselves nor for me. Over years I have repaired and learned relational skills of being part of community. Throughout my life I have participated in many circles and currently am part of numerous and varied Communities.

Ayurved Sadhana as a school community brings us together in heart and deep learning of ayurvedic skills that enhance our healthy authentic living.

The Sacred Window family and legacy group, finding our birth and motherhood wounds and creating family among our sisters as support and repair is a sanctuary for all.

The WABA and aquatic bodywork family in which we spend hours in the water together, where we hold each other as we go through our deepest fears as we learn our water skills. We support each other heart to heart with so much joy and celebration.

 The Center for Soulful Living, which is based in Santa Fe invites the discovery of ourselves and the journey of each other. This ministerial group honors our equanimity and opens to where we need to move next in our co-creations. 

The Colorado School of Energy Studies creates safety and a mature 

self-regulation as we navigate our humaness together. The attitude of gratitude and the skillfullness within our community creates support and thriving for each of us. 

Our Doula Community is a supportive network of Doulas,

we come together to nurture our common growth and passion for this miraculous work.

Belvedere Integrated Healings Arts

is a professional Community of pre-perinatal therapists.

We are dedicated to nurture our individual as well as professional growth in this specialized field.

My Purium Community is one big 

Aloha, deeply based in Body Thrive.

Exciting, Available, Supportive,

Educational, Growing in Awareness,


How much more

         fun can we have today?                             

Partners of Heart is my community of life and home, hanging with my Daughter, Grand-daughter and Great Grandson.

My Partner & I, we nurture life together. We hike in nature everywhere, enjoying meals, and the great outdoors, walking the neighbor's dog, sitting with our kitty- kids.

Heathfelt Smiles......LOVE, Maurice & Ahara

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