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Purium with Ahara

Me, on the first days of my transformation with Purium.

April 2017

Me, feeling more vibrant and slimmer with Purium.

October 2017

Call Ahara for a Purium Product tasting party

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I'm excited to announce my new venture with The Purium Company and Community.

Purium is a company that believes (as do I) that the human body is a miracle. Let me help you select the Nutritional Detox and Skincare products that will change your life. I represent Purium because of my experience with their fantastic products. I started taking Purium Nutritional drinks in April 2017. I jumped right in with a 10-day Transformation Cleanse. I immediately felt better and dropped a few pounds! In the following couple of months I easily dropped another 10 pounds with just the addition of the green drinks and super aminos. Since then I have have started using the beet drink (You Can't Beet This) which gives me a leap of energy when I need it. All of the Purium products that I have included in my life have proven life supportive.

I love that I run out the door in the morning with my Purium Shake and I'm good to go. It takes me 3 minutes to power-up my day.

The Purium community is Awesome! We support each other in personal growth, nutritional understandings and additionally if you opt for a business opportunity. 

Purium has specific product programs for

  • Weight-Loss

  • Athletes 

  • Anti-Aging 

  • Kids & Family Nutrition

  • Greens

  • Detox (including a new GMO gut detox)

What if you could live a healthier lifestyle and help others do the same?

Check out the Purium Site


Call Me for the $50 off Coupon Code   


​ALL Purium products are 100% NON-GMO and we believe that Purium is the only Network Marketing Company that can make this claim. 
In an effort to take that commitment and transparency to an all-new level, we began submitting EVERY Purium product and hundreds of individual ingredients to the NON-GMO Project for 3rd party verification in 2013. 

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