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Aquatic Bodywork in Warm Water

Sessions 1.5 Hrs.  

$100 plus the pool fee


“My head lets go and my thoughts are drifting like clouds in the sky.

 My heart opens, so all the darkness and the sorrow can be healed by the

streaming and flowing water.”


Aquatic Bodywork clients' reflect less pain, increased sense of well-being and personal resourcing of their own natural innate healing process. Aquatic bodywork in particular is recognized for its soothing effects in the nervous system and fundamental relaxation systemically. Helping to reset looping of emotional and mental as well as physical patterns, Aquatic Bodywork reduces states of depression and fatigue as well as balancing the brain (AB is indicated for closed head injuries) and encouraging range of fluid motion in all aspects of being. There is an increase in the ease of body movement, joint flexibility and muscular-structural alignment.  Aquatic Bodywork naturally supports the detoxification of lymph, organs, meridians and all fluid circulatory systems. A well-being-ness repatterning occurs gently over time, coupled and reinforced by our willingness and intentions.


I have witnessed Aquatic bodywork in self to others benefit both physical and emotional trauma. The healing properties of water with the practitioner’s support cultivates a quiet, safe environment where the client can access positive resources within, and repair old programs promoting a healthier integrated self.


All Aquatic Bodywork sessions that I facilitate combine many types of Aquatic Bodywork styles as well as all my skills, which I translate into water language. I bring my whole self in support of you.


 (water shiatsu), developed by Harold Dull, is one of the founding forms of aquatic bodywork. With its lineage in Zen Shiatsu, WATSU® has proven to be one of the most effective mediums for releasing general tension and stress.



Healing Dance Aquatic Bodywork

On the surface or an option to submerge (with nose clips) in the freedom below the surface. Healing Dance, developed by Alexander George, is a form of Aquatic Bodywork based in the sacred geometry of body movements and timing. It reinforces the dance and joy within the receiver and as its name suggests offers receivers to discover and join their own innate dance that long ago may have been suppressed or forgotten.


See Aquatic Trainings if you are interested in WABA (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Assoc.) certified classes with Ahara




When you schedule a session, you will be sent an intake form and any relevant information, and given directions.


For Aquatic Bodywork

Please bring a bathing suit and towel
(optional: earplugs)

Please do not eat except lightly 1.5 hrs prior to an Aquatic Session.

Please schedule so you have quiet and integration time after a session and ample time to eat.

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