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This is generally not your ordinary massage. It is deeply guided by your intention and your desire to repair old patterns that no longer serve you. Have you reached a point of doing a pattern 'long enough, well enough, good enough? Perhaps its time to find where its held in your body and allow it to find its expression and release or find what is stored in a tight or painful place in your body. We may start with a bit of polarity two-chair dialogue and unearth the territory and perhaps a few buried emotions before supporting the tissues and nervous system to somatically be released on a massage table or maybe we find being solely on the table is the most beneficial. Each session is unique and full of self-empowerment, resolution and self-discovery. A deep commitment to self- understanding, transparency and humility is cultivated.

Of course you can ask to receive a traditional full massage bodywork session as well, you are received and supported equally in either choice or blend.

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