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Hands on techniques, relational negotiations with baby, games with your baby, understanding your baby's cues and non-verbal story, how to bath baby, good oils and soaps to use.
Best for both parents to learn together OR mom and another caregiver.
Infant Massage Plus
With your Baby (You massage, I coach with a Teddy) $ 120

Learn with a Teddy (prenatal preparation) $ 90

Baby's primary way of relating is through her mouth and skin.
Skin to skin contact is a primary need of newborns and young ones. Healthy touch* from parents throughout childhood in the form of nurturing safe massage, acknowledgement, and respectful listening helps a child's nervous system and social skills develop and helps her/him acclimate in the world.
Sensitive touch and presence, based in listening, acknowledging and accurate feedback helps babies build relational skills, expression, rapport and safety. During massage interaction time Baby gains awareness of the world and of herself and who she is. This time builds good boundaries, self-esteem and confidence and creates a base for healthy communication skills throughout life. For a Father, Infant massage is a perfect way to support his bonding with his New Baby, creating lasting healthy relationship and also giving Mom a much- needed break.

*Call if you need a repair as a parent (mom, dad or caretaker) on imprints from your own childhood or during your life centered around unhealthy touch (whether you are pre, post natal or at any time). If you notice tendencies that alarm you in interactions with your new baby or child please reach out. Please reach for knowledgeable, non-judgmental, problem solving support.

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