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Soul Alchemy Transformation


Soul Alchemy® is a unique healing technique which came out of my love of the healing process. With the collaboration of an interactive,

dimensional,consciously evolving team, Soul Alchemy® was born. Since 2006 our team has been dedicated together in our own and our client's growth, awareness and synergy. Whether I am working individually or in the team structure the field allows for safety and compassionate discovery in all layers of consciousness: energetically, physically, emotionally, dimensionally, and in the tissues.

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New Soul Alchemy® Mentorship Program

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Soul Alchemy® I Training Feb.28- April 4 2018


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With Support and Committed Embodiment, using the inner skills of Soul Alchemy®, a person can transform old personal, familiar, cultural, religious, ancestral and global beliefs. This transformation enables healthy inner and outer relationship skills, transparency, choice and thriving in the here and now.

I love growing in becoming a conscious aware human being. My desire is to bring my full presence, continued learning and my most informed compassionate skills that I have discovered, learned and internally developed to my clients and students and to every one of my patterns and soul parts.  

The Soul Alchemy® Training Program and in Depth Session Work is in Collaboration with:

The changes I witness in myself, in friends and in clients are primal as well as global and archetypal patterns. In our community we are continually learning and growing with whoever shows up as clients and compadres. 

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